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ak and I went to go see Tierney Sutton tonight as a last minute addition to our Spoleto going.

We heard her on the radio two days ago and ak expressed interest in seeing her and I'm always excited when I find music before ak that she ends up liking (it doesn't happen often). It was supposed to be outside on the Cistern at the College but it started raining right at 9:00. They start the outdoor concerts late where it will actually be dark by the time they start. Normally it's a really beautiful venue. The Cistern used to be the city's water supply (in like 1710, that might even be a little late). They've filled it in and now the college has graduation on it and they do Spoleto jazz concerts (and occasionally theater) there. It's in front of Randolph Hall a perfectly antebellum building complete with giant columns and live oaks covered in spanish moss and bulls' blood paint (seriously, after the Civil War the north sent down some bulls and the Charlestonians slaughtered them and painted the buildings with their blood). It pretty much screams Charleston and it's just a great place to hear some music.

But anyway, it started to sprinkle just as they were about to start so they pushed the concert back by an hour and 15 minutes and moved us to the city's main auditorium. We went from having tickets about halfway back to sitting in the second row (they made everything general admission when they moved it). Tierney Sutton came out as they were setting up and asked if anyone had a Steinway in their pocket that the band could borrow. It was pretty amusing. They had to move the piano from the Cistern to the Galliard and it wasn't there yet. It did get there eventually and they put the legs back on it and re-tuned it and set up all of the mics and did a sound check (so we all got to hear two songs that we otherwise wouldn't have gotten to hear). They managed to turn everything around in a little less than an hour which was pretty impressive. I thought it was pretty cool that they let us sit in the audience while they did it.

The actual concert was really awesome. I wasn't as blown away as when we saw Renée Marie two years ago but I have a feeling that The Tierney Sutton Band is much more consistent than Renée Marie is (we were disappointed when we went back to see her the second night). Tierney has a great voice and ak was cracking up at her crazy hand gestures. It was totally worth the hassle of moving from one location to another. And everyone was just laughing and going along with the insanity. They definitely do some interesting interpretations of their songs. I really liked their version of "If I Loved You" and of course there isn't a recording of it (that I can find, at least). So yeah, great vocalist, great band, totally worth the price of admission.

ETA: Success! I found a copy of "If I Loved You." itunes went from having one of their albums to all of them in the last two days!

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